Blitline Job Results

Blitline works by putting you jobs on a queue, then there are many workers that pull your job OFF the queue, process it and then, typically, postback your results to you.

Thus, when you submit a job to Blitline, and get a JSON result back with a "results" value containing the image identifiers and URLs of images, this does not mean that the job has "completed", it ONLY means the job has successfully been put on the queue and will be completed "shortly". There are only 2 ways for you to know for sure that a job has completed, and that is with a postback or long polling.

The only way to get metadata about the images is also through the postback or long polling results, because it is only after we have looked at the image do we have this information. We do not have this information when you submit the job, but only after a worker has processed the image.

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